29 May 2008


It's time for cicadas! Although I enjoy the quiet, calm, and distant sounds of the annual cicadas, I can't wait for the Magicicada genus of cicadas to emerge from their seventeen-year slumber.

I was eight years old the last time it happened. I left Oklahoma to land in West Virginia to the rhythmic chatter of cicadas and hundreds of discarded exoskeleton shells all over the place. To an science-loving but entomophobic young lad, the experience was simultaneously exciting and nightmarish. But, now it is time again.

I was eight years old then.

17 years since the last wave of cicadas.

17 years since my father passed away.

I had not realized that until just now.

Will the summertime arthropod orchestra bring auditory-linked reminiscences of days long past?
Will they cause me to remember things I'd forgotten since I saw my father last?
Will the sight of obviated insect shells bring mental sight unfurled?
Will they give me pause to wonder what facade I show to the world?

17 years--the average time it takes to get from first steps on the carpet to last steps in the high school graduation march.

I can't believe I just got a lesson in memories and time from noisy bugs.

22 May 2008

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

It's time to take a Breaks!

We're running sound this weekend at the Breaks Interstate Park right at the borders of VA and KY for the 2008 Jubilee in the Breaks.

We're leaving Friday (tomorrow) morning in the bus (yay!), setting our equipment, and getting ready to sing and run sound Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

It's gonna be fun! Hopefully, I'll get back in time for work Tuesday, though.

15 May 2008


It's cold. It was warmer a month ago (further into winter than in spring)! It's May 15th and I keep shivering intermittently.

Well, it's not so bad, I suppose. It is about 59 degrees. With the cloud cover last night, it stayed the same temperature all night. Unfortunately, with the cloud cover today, the temperature has stayed the same temperature all day.

Oh, how I long for warm, sunny days!

12 May 2008

Spring Jubilee--Monday Night

Tonight I went to my very first Calvin Evans Spring Jubilee revival meeting at the Scioto County (OH) Fairgrounds. This was the first night of the 12th annual meeting, and I have wanted to go for several years now. Having moved to southern Ohio, I am now close enough to attend and still get home in time to write about it.

Being an avid observer when in unfamiliar areas/situations, my first night was probably not the best possible night I will have. See, when I go into a new place, I have to take everything in, make observations, compare to mental schema I have to similar situations; only after this can I really determine how I feel about where I am and genuinely react to it. This always makes my first time awkward for me.

I got there about six minutes before the scheduled beginning time and took in the sight: hundreds of cars parked with the aid of recruited crossing guards/parking attendants; people walking to the shelter, some dressed like they just came from work (like me), others dressed in their Sunday best. Inside the shelter, most of the seats were filled and, surprisingly, back seats were available. They later announced that 1,410 people were there tonight.

I heard a roar of voices and noticed a circle of men at the front praying, crying out to God in a sound I had never quite experienced before: it was powerful.

Brian Baer began the service with a moment of silence for the recent passing of gospel legend Dottie Rambo, then sang "The Holy Hills" a cappella as the crowd joined in on the chorus. The McKameys (my Mom's favorite group) sang mostly older songs--which the audience much enjoyed. Calvin Ray Evans preached a sermon on the word "Nevertheless". The service closed with several people at the altar.

It was a very unique experience. Although I know I did not get the full effect due to my admitted hesitance in engaging myself in new situations, no matter how excited I may be to be there, I can't wait to go back and take in more.

08 May 2008


I have a Fairly Oddparents kite I bought a couple of years ago. I bought a long roll of twine and tied it to the end of the supplied string and made it super long. It flew way up high to where I could barely see it.

Then, about a week ago, I bought two Spongebob Squarepants kites (one for me and one for Rebecka.) We flew them at Little Creek Park last weekend. It was awesome.

Tonight, I bought a set of two kites from Save-A-Lot. I'm on a kite-flying-buying spree! When will it stop?!? I love kites!!!

07 May 2008

One of My First Stories

When I was a young lad of less than half-a-score years, I started writing a story. It was a one-page story that over a short amount of time became a fifteen page story (each page being a "chapter"). Then, I started the sequel, which also led to the final part of the trilogy.

I did all this before I even realized stories were written in trilogies.

I never did finish the last part, though. It's still in a binder somewhere, just waiting to be finished and perhaps published. I need an illustrator, though.

05 May 2008

8 Dollar Shirts

I love Family Dollar General Tree type stores. I got two really nice shirts there for $8.00 each.

Plus, at the same store, I could have bought random, rare-ish Southern Gospel CDs, coloring books, car phone chargers, and some kind of weird, little gnomish thing I guess goes in a garden or guards your graph paper or something.