22 July 2010

The Scariest Street in Kentucky

I like to zip around Google Earth and land in random places, take a look around, see if I can see a funny product placement, strange street arrangements, people doing strange things, or even see something I may have actually seen in person at one time.

My latest journey landed me virtually in the northeast-of-center part of Kentucky in a small town called Carlisle, which is actually a drivable distance from where I currently live.

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There was nothing immediately spectacular about this location.  I just clicked from street to street, noticing little businesses and such.

Then I found it: the scariest street in Kentucky.  West North Street, Carlisle, Kentucky.

When I saw the first image, I thought perhaps it was a simple image anomaly—overexposure or something.  But all along this street is a stream of what could best be described as a shadow of what may actually be there.  You'll have to look it up yourself to get the full effect of the terror that grew as I viewed image after image of distorted, indescribable horror, which I will now begin to describe.