04 January 2010


In an attempt to increase my reading comprehension and enjoyment of the books I am reading, I plan on reviewing the books I read. Then, I shall post my reviews and recommendations here to share my enjoyment with you. I would like to extend the reviews to more than just books as I have a load of old records, cassettes, and CDs that I would like to review just because most of what I have are unique compared to most music collections.

I'm building a basic format for the reviews that will probably evolve over time as I get a little more used to the whole process. For now, the format is as such:
  • An image of the item I am reviewing either
    • a scan of the actual item in hand or
    • a stock photo provided by an online store.
  • Basic information of the item, including
    • Title
    • Author/Artist
    • Publisher/Producer
    • ISBN
    • Length/Format
    • Genre
    • Time it took for me to read it*
    • Source (where I obtained it)
    • Link to item in my aStore
  • Synopsis/Summary
  • Review
  • Rating based on my rating system
* I tend not to have a lot of time to read for fun throughout the week, so my time to read will vary based on how much extra time I have to read.  As a matter of perspective, books I am really interested in I can read within a week or so.  Books that take me a while to get into may take up to a month.  Hopefully being a part of the 100 Books Reading Challenge will increase my reading speed.

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