22 July 2010

The Scariest Street in Kentucky

I like to zip around Google Earth and land in random places, take a look around, see if I can see a funny product placement, strange street arrangements, people doing strange things, or even see something I may have actually seen in person at one time.

My latest journey landed me virtually in the northeast-of-center part of Kentucky in a small town called Carlisle, which is actually a drivable distance from where I currently live.

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There was nothing immediately spectacular about this location.  I just clicked from street to street, noticing little businesses and such.

Then I found it: the scariest street in Kentucky.  West North Street, Carlisle, Kentucky.

When I saw the first image, I thought perhaps it was a simple image anomaly—overexposure or something.  But all along this street is a stream of what could best be described as a shadow of what may actually be there.  You'll have to look it up yourself to get the full effect of the terror that grew as I viewed image after image of distorted, indescribable horror, which I will now begin to describe.

I have two hypotheses.  1) The town was missing the day the Google camera car drove down W North Street (abducted by aliens or the government, perhaps off on vacation) and the guy driving the car hired an oil painter to create a vague likeness of the town that should have been there.  2) The town actually looks like this and is comparable to, say, where the Tales from the Darkside may have taken place or fodder for the stories used in The Twilight Zone originated.

Either way, the pictures are rather freaky.  I'm rather surprised not to have found any reference to it on the Internet in sites where people post funny or odd things they find on Google Earth.  In fact, simply posting my findings may lead to my soon disappearance. 

Or maybe that's why I haven't posted any blogs for a while: retrograde disappearance.  Maybe instead of being hidden in secrecy because of revealing something of national security, I don't disappear after I post this, but "they" actually go back to half-a-year ago and cease my blogging existence for a time.

But, I digress.

Perhaps the scariest part of this street is at 334 N Walnut Street looking in a southwestern direction.  Below I have embedded the image as it exists today, July 22, 2010, 11:52AM.

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Do you see it? 

A shadow.  A man with a wide-brimmed hat.  An image similar to the Exorcist movie poster.

Maybe someday I'll visit Carlisle, Kentucky.  It will have to be broad daylight before I step foot on N. Walnut Street.

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