17 April 2008

Bitten by the Theatre Bug

It comes around once in a while. I get to take part in a theatrical performance, either as audience member or cast member. Then, it happens. My mind becomes a high-octane engine driving many of my thoughts speedily to memories of acting, dreams of directing, ideas of producing, notions of writing theatre.

It is triggered easily. This current, sudden paroxysm was brought about by the opportunity to see Pride & Prejudice in Cleveland with Rebecka last weekend. The layout of and classic theatrical elements within Cleveland Playhouse's Bolton Theatre was so exciting. My hopes of one day building a theatre were much renewed with great fervor!

This was only the first time I had ever been able to attend a play with professional AEA actors (some of whom have been on TV and the big screen.) Even though much of the community theatre I have grown up attending (as well as a few of the collegiate and secondary school plays I have seen) have been quite enjoyable and many well done, seeing professional actors on stage was enlightening and inspiring!

The best part of all this is that Rebecka enjoys going to the theatre, too! So, we get to see another play this coming weekend: The Crucible. It's great to have someone to enjoy it with! Yay, Rebecka!

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