03 April 2008


Greetings and welcome to the LeviSamJuno blog. I think for the time being I shall just be the eponymous LeviSamJuno until I see a reason to be a person...or something like that. I actually tried to begin a blog before under a previous pseudonym, which is still available. In fact, most of what you will read here is just a repeat of what I had on the previous one, albeit over a year later. Let's see if it sticks this time.

The purpose for this blog is to discuss, deliberate, or otherwise deluge the interweb with any random or potentially pointless pondering that precipitates from my phalanges. (*sigh* I can already see that my affinity for alliteration will be a common occurrence.)My interests are eclectic and somewhat broad in scope. I like many things but have very strong feelings about how they should be done or presented. As such, I felt it necessary to vent my thoughts through the growing medium of the blog (or, "web log" as technophobes with whom I identify like to call it.)

Some things you will probably read about here in the near future may include such topics as: Southern Gospel, Contemporary Christian music, Christian Apologetics, Theology, Biology, Astronomy, Meteorology, Theatre, Playwriting, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Middle School Students, Teaching, Higher Education Degrees, Secondary Education, Post-secondary Education, Posthumous Education, Chemistry, Physics, West Virginia, the Contiguous United States, Television, Movies, Cheese, and much more.

But, wait: if you order now, you'll get this great set of ....oh, wait: never mind. Some kind of infomercial tangent.

Moving on...

So, I hope you enjoy reading what I anticipate writing, which I might enjoy upon reading it myself, but more than likely will be disappointed.

But, you'll get a good laugh at my expense. ("Look at that blog," you'll say, "Nonsensical yammer." "He doesn't have anything important to add to society," your friend will retort. "I agree!" I will reply, then run and hide behind the dumpster as the two of you search for the disembodied voice.)

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