19 April 2008

Dream: Cell Phone Hack & Soap Opera

It was a cold, icy, dark evening. Coming home from some escapade (but not an ice-capade), I was wedged between the driver and the other passenger: two men I knew that I knew, but could not identify. We slid the pickup semi-carefully down the slippery slope that was supposed to be a road between the bungalow on the right and the ice-glazed pond on the left. We got out, shaken, and went inside the warmth of the small house.

A couch was turned backward against the wall, with only one seat-length sticking out in front of the opening toward the kitchen. I turned to look outside and saw that the winter was melting quickly to summer, so I removed my thick coat. The family was all gathered inside for some kind of unspoken celebration.

My two fellow truck passengers, though having entered the house with me, had disappeared. Although I knew that everyone in the house was family in some way or another, I only recognized my cousin Mark. That is, until I saw my girlfriend seated on the couch.

I plopped down on the couch next to her and snuggled close. Suddenly, I heard an operator speaking on my cell phone. I opened it and heard her mention something like "Press 2 for flight delays nearby....Press 3 for...." On the display of the phone was some unusually formatted number that someone had dialed: "# 598 XA". 20 minutes had already elapsed on this strange call. Then, the display changed and I could tell someone was typing text on it. Someone had hacked into my cell phone somehow! As the display was showing the word "BATTERIES" being typed, I quickly opened the back cover and removed the battery, throwing it over my shoulder.

The ordeal averted, I turned back to my girlfriend. Just then, Bill Murray (not that Bill) from WSAZ News Channel 3 came in with his camera crew. "I need to practice some soap opera shots. Who in here is ready to try out for the soap opera?"

Everyone shuffled around as I stood up, removed my glasses in a melodramatic, soap-opera-like fashion, and said, "Not me." I then stared waiting for the commercial break to begin in the traditional fashion. Bill Murray went to walk around the couch.

Then, I woke up.

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