07 April 2009

MySBlentry One


It's my first MySpace blog entry (or "MySBlentry," as I like to call it.) [Hint: pronounced "mice-BLEN-tree"]

This officially brings me up to date in social technology--at least in Lincoln County, WV, terms. (We're 6 years behind everyone else; I think our stores will start carrying DVDs soon.) Now, I have a MySpace account, which apparently makes me cool and unique--just like everyone else under 18 years old.

Er...okay, maybe not.

My coolness (or awesometude, more appropriately) is neither emboldened nor shattered by my hidden presence on the world's largest site for semi-anonymous, largely verbal (and thus lacking the important nonverbal cues of face-to-face meetings, which enhance social communication, but I digress) contact between different types of peoples.

Um....okay, now it's 10:38 pm and I am not completely finished with my lesson plan I have to turn in and do tomorrow night for class, so I must needs away myself.

(To self) "Away!"

(This MySBlentry was originally posted on 14 March 2007 at 10:31PM.)


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ur alwayz cool dont let anyone tell u different!!! I cant belive u never wahtched Andy Grifith before!!! Well gotta make sure my cholthes rwashed 4 thhe fair at 6:00 but we might leve here at 6:00 because the Dimmilison Derbey dont start till 7:00 but we might be thereat 6:00 so my bubby can help my uncle...well I guess I will let u go n if I dont c u tonight I will c u this weekend!!!
luv ya Bubby... April Dawn luvs her Bubbys
Posted by April on Monday, July 16, 2007 - 3:03 PM

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