13 April 2009



Just a few updates on the craziness of life.

1. I have completed (finally!!!) the spring 2007 semester of grad school, which required countless, grueling hours of homework (thanks to the online college experience) and much time not able to be spent casually. Yay, it's over.

2. I took 3 of the four PRAXIS-II tests I am required to take for my certification and ability to student teach this fall (after which I will be finished completely). If I passed, I will finish in December (if I student teach well, I guess); if not, I have to retake til I do, which will push back my student teaching, which will push back my degree obtainment, which will push my mind further into the recesses of insanity currently entrenching my brain. But, I digress.

3. I have started seeking freelance voice-over work through Voice123.com, a network of voice-over artists. So far, I have auditioned for many things, but have not been chosen (among the other 10,000+ VO artists); but, I shall continue trying at least for a year. (Then, my subscription runs out and I can then determine if it is worth the "nominal fee".)

4. I don't really have a number 4.

5. DSL must finally be over 6 years old, because I now have--right here in Yawkey--a Digital Subscriber Line bringing my computer into the higher-speed Internet world! I have watched Homestar Runner episodes in no-time flat. I have been able to download a 2MB Word document in less than an hour for the first time in ever. I am so excited, I think I might cry for relief. *:D*

6. That's it.

By the way, please comment on my blog, if you would--it would make it seem so much more rewarding to update more often. You know, give some initiative--some reason--for keeping peoples updated on the malaise and minutiae of my life.

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Consider you blog commented. And welcome to the REAL internet!

P.S. No Pants Players show this weekend (fri + sat 8:00p.m. LaBelle)

*for non-Levi curious people, check out www.nopantsplayers.com

Posted by NPP Brian on Thursday, May 03, 2007 - 7:58 AM


Hooray for the spring semester being over, and for Levi being one step closer to teaching!!! Boo for not having a number 4. : ( That's one of the best numbers in the world! I less than three you!!!


Posted by Randy, of course! on Friday, May 04, 2007 - 11:07 AM


Why do you think we'd want to read an update on your life... lol...j/k. Congrats! on completing this semester of school... and I'm glad you have the real interent now.

Posted by Rebecka on Friday, May 04, 2007 - 11:08 AM

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