21 May 2009

Song Time, Part One

Ode to Supporting Characters

verse 1

Cop Number 1, you were the first on the scene.
Cop Number 2, you helped to keep it clean.
Man Number 1, you got to say a few lines.
Man Number 2, you had to nod there behind.
Woman Number 1, you got to scream real loud.
Woman 2 caught her before she hit the ground.
Doctor Number 1, you had to bear the bad news.
Doctor Number 2, you stared down at your shoes.

chorus 1

Supporting characters in the movies we see.
Unsung heroes who make the story complete.
You never get to see your name up in lights,
But your roles are important in the movies of life.
So for all you ones and twos,
And sometimes threes and fours:
We sing this song to you
To say that we want to see more.

verse 2

Clowns Number 1 and Number 2 in a car
Climb out first to be big stars.
Then Clowns Number 3, 4, 5, & 6
Stand in behind them to do a few tricks.
Drunks Number 1 and Number 2
Get to sleep on the bar for an hour or 2.
We hate to leave out some we have not said:
The supporting actors who get paid to play dead.

chorus 2

Supporting characters in the movies so dear:
Men and women with importance unclear.
They stand and walk, they hardly talk,
But sometimes they get a line or two.
They never have names,
Yet they’re always the same.
But we need them:
The supporting characters we love.

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