04 May 2009

Old Post: Theatre

I love theatre. I love the word (particularly spelled in the aforementioned fashion). I love the feel. I love the action. I love the smell. From time to time, you will see me mention theatre and my particular fascination with it.

Now, when I say "theatre" I mean the live-action performance on a stage and/or in an auditorium, with optional audience participation, scripts, or improvisation. Unfortunately, most of what appears to be popular is not theatre in my definition, but theater (note the transposition of the "e" and "r".) When I say "theater" in this spelling, I mean the auditorium/seating area in front of a large screen with surround-sound and optional THX, popcorn, and sticky floors. As I was saying, theatre appears to be dying.

Sure, there are the big Broadway shows that people who enjoy theatre (a declining breed) pay tons of their money for what anymore is a musical plethora of not-so-much-acting-as-dancing-and-singing. Additionally, there are the off-Broadway (and off-off-Broadway, and more prefixed off's) shows which have evolved into theatrical excuses to showcase attempts to push the envelope morally, politically, and sexually.

Alas, as I grow older, take on more responsibilities, and find myself losing time at a rapid rate, I realize that I, too, am part of that dying breed of theatre-goers and performing participants. How can it survive if there is no active involvement from people like me? Anyone else out there feel the same--or am I alone?

(This JPFPost was originally posted in February 2007.)

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