13 May 2009

A Story Created in an IM

Once upon a time I used to enter random chat rooms in AOL (back when it was all the rage). Rather than engage in any meaningful conversation with anyone in the room, I would just say random, funny (at least to me) things, which were typically ignored, shunned, cursed at, or were otherwise a nuisance to the general assortment of people in the room (populated mainly by teenage boys trying to get teenage girls to speak to them in an assortment of conversations appealing to some of the baser of man's instincts.)

But, occasionally, someone else with a similar sense of humor to mine would take the bait and join me in random banter, which became even more funny juxtaposed with the scrolling screen of swear words, emoticons, and acronyms. Though I would usually only find these people one at a time, then somehow never run into them again, a few became pretty good online friends. In fact, one of them even came with a friend to see me in a play in college. They brought flowers and everything.

This same particular friend asked me to tell her a story. So, I had her help set up the basic setting and character of the story, which I then used to write an off-the-cuff fairy tale of "Max and the Green Bean." I was so pleased with the way it turned out that I posted it to my Helium account: "Max and the Green Bean". Note that the beginning of the story is the setup provided by my friend (identified as "D"). I hope you enjoy it.

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