05 June 2009

Comments on "Poetry Time, Part Five"

"The Dime" has very little to explain. It is obviously nonsensical. I was working the register at the music store in the mall. Another of the cashiers was up there with me. It being a remarkably slow day with no shipment to put out and not much desire to clean anything, we just kind of fiddled around at the register. I scribbled this little rhyme on a piece of scrap paper and handed it to the other cashier. She looked at it, laughed, wrote her own silly poem (something short about being bored, without much rhyming); and then the moment was finished.

By the way, Zombie Nation was one of the artists playing on our playlist (which I only know because of the fake, corporate DJ mentioning it before and after the track). I couldn't think of anything to rhyme with "denomination", so I went nonsequitir with it. I still have the scraps of paper we wrote on somewhere, I do believe.

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