24 June 2009

Misheard Song Lyrics

The way my brain works, simple things I hear produce fascinating results sometimes. Take, for example, lyrics that are somewhat difficult to understand in their recited form. (I neglect to put the word "song" here because some of these instances occur during rap tracks, which by no means could, neither should, be considered a "song.") I am certainly not the only who has misheard song lyrics, but I take great honor in being able to remember what I mishear and take it a few steps farther into what hopefully can be construed as, at the very least, funny.

The song in reference today is one by the group Queen, a group famous for being one of the groups I have actually heard of from my lifetime. In this particular instance, the title of the song is also a commonly misheard lyric: "Another One Bites the Dust." It is a song that I believe has something to do with a population of carpet mites that live off of the fallen epithelial cells of living organisms that walk along the carpet. If not, someone needs to write a song for these misunderstood, microscopic creatures. Of course, the only line I know from the entire song is "another one bites the dust." and that this is followed by a quickly spoken string of garble that has about six syllables and is repeated twice.

That brings us now to some of the results of my brain processing this information in its unusual and, some may say, insanity-reflective way:

  • "Another one fights the crust,"

  • "A brother incites the rust,"

  • "He smothers the rice and dust," and (with the subsequent line)

  • "A mother indicts the bust, and it's Millard Fillmore, and it's Millard Fillmore."

I just really like the image of someone's mother formally accusing a stone sculpture of the 13th US President of something like perjury or grand larceny.

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