18 June 2009

Gas Station Annoyance #3

Top Five Gas Station Annoyances

3. Gas Prices

This is a short one, but it needs to be addressed. For far too long has the subject of gas prices been blatantly passed over by the media and shunned in public conversation. I cannot understand how this topic has been ignored over the past three years or so without an outcry from the general society of Americans. How can such a problem persist until our civilization of capitalism crumbles underneath the weight of civic discontentment this impropriety provokes?

I am speaking specifically, of course, about the little "9" superscripted at the end of the price-per-gallon of certain gas station signs. Have these people never had an algebra class? How do think they will ever sell a single drop of gas when they purport that their gas costs the price to the 9th power?!

Think about it: for the image hyperlinked above, the cost of a gallon of gas at $2.99 ^9 would be $19,100.32! Outrageous! Only the best-paid Donald Trumps of the world would be able to afford gas at the price suggested by the poorly planned sign.

This problem is not isolated to the gasoline industry, but it is akin to the common problem of grammatical incorrectness exacerbated by global acceptance of textual mediocrity. I urge you, VIPs of the gasoline industry, to fix this problem and ease the fury of unsettled citizens outraged by this blatant disrespect for mathematical formulae. Say what you mean and make sure that message you are sending out is understandable and clear. If gas is $2.99 and 9/10ths, you can just say $3.00.

My hope is that the people in charge of gasoline prices everywhere take heed to this very important request. I also hope it may lead to the alleviation of fears that people like you and me hold in these uncertain times.

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