29 June 2009

Why I Have Never Been a BINGO Caller

If I ever had the opportunity to be a BINGO number caller, it would probably be my last opportunity. My time spent would be filled with false-starters like:

"B-4 I start calling out the numbers, I want to thank you for this opportunity to be your caller tonight."

"I ate ten sandwiches before tonight, so hopefully I'll be energized the whole way."

"N- case you were wondering, this is my first time ever at the BINGO board."

"G...it sure is nice to be here."

"Oh, 75 is the total number of possible numbers I will call. Just wanted to make sure you knew that."

I'm sure the old ladies would love me. Those BINGO cards flying at me after a few of my winning zingers would be signs of celebration of my awesome BINGO calling skills.

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