13 June 2009

Comments on "Poetry Time, Part Nine"

"BD Class #2" was written in the same free class period as "BD Class #1." It has the same basic theme of my doubts about those particular students being in the Behavioral Disorders class because they only seemed to be rewarded for misbehaving in their normal class by being segregated into this different environment where evidently anything was game. I never had a chance to sit in with the normal teacher for this class, however, so I don't know exactly how the class normally went. But, as a substitute teacher, you can usually tell when things going on in class are common things or if they are just acting out in front of the sub. The actions in that class always felt like it was the normal run of things.

The ABCB type of rhyming scheme is my usual way of writing poetry. Refer to my Bad Poetry posting for my limited view of poetry and you will understand why most of my poems have a clear and simple rhyme patter, this one included. Uncharacteristic of my poems, though, I ended the poem with a break in the rhyming scheme, I think to express my discontent with the pattern I saw occur with students who were pretty much alienated by the system to get them out of the teachers' hair in as few years as possible. Either that, or I couldn't think of anything to rhyme with "rewarded."

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